Delivery of goods through Agent Cargo is an opportunity to get your goods from China and other Asian countries in the most optimal way and at attractive prices. We deliver goods by air and sea to the most suitable way to the customer, including consolidated cargo, container transportations “on a turn-key basis”.

Air delivery of goods from China is the most expeditious way of delivery to the desired destination. It is the most convenient way of transporting commercial lots with a wide range of goods, small loads or product samples. Also, when delivering air, the risk is reduced that the goods will break, drop out, which makes this method one of the safest, and the minimum required documents is also the most convenient.


Cargo delivery from China – all inclusive

During the working day we will provide you with the final cost, including all customs and shipping costs to your region.


Fastest shipping from China

The main mode of delivery is the aircraft, so we can always guarantee the time. Delivery on average takes from 10-14 days from “door to door”


Invariability of the price

Our priorities are decency and professionalism. We do not change the cost of delivery in the process, as other companies do: you pay exactly as much as agreed. This is especially important when buying a product with low margins. Tariff from 3 € / kg from China (including ALL expenses for customs clearance)


Stages of air delivery of goods:

  • calculation of cost (1 day)
  • assignment of cargo marking
  • communication with the supplier (free of charge)
  • cargo delivery to the warehouse
  • delivery of cargo to Latvia
  • customs clearance of cargo
  • delivery of cargo to your “door”

Sea cargo delivery from China – Delivery of whole containers and groupage cargoes from any port in China to the ports of Riga, Ventspils, Liepaja and then delivery to your warehouse, store … We will offer you the best route based on your budget. Customs clearance and preparation of permits we undertake. Sea transportation from China to Latvia is reliable and profitable for you!

Sea freight of goods from China to Latvia is one of the most economical types of international delivery. This type of transportation is distributed both on large-sized goods and their large lots, and small, trial lots (using the service of a consolidated cargo).


Although this is not the fastest process, however, cargo ships and containers have a high degree of protection from weather conditions, external stimuli and other difficulties that can lie in wait for goods on the route. We guarantee you responsible receipt of goods from the Chinese supplier, a professional organization of expert design, accurate transportation of cargo to the ship and careful loading it onto the ship. While the load will go, you can at any time inquire about its status and geographical location. Problems at customs will not arise, thanks to high-quality customs clearance. The cargo is accompanied by professional employees, and on the customer’s warehouse it arrives in a remarkable condition.



Type of container 20” standart 40” standart 40” high cube
External dimensions, mm 6096 × 2370 × 2591 12192 × 2438 × 2895 12192 × 2438 × 2895
Interial dimensions, mm 5935 × 2335 × 2383 12022 × 2352 × 2395 12022 × 2352 × 2352
Size of the doorway, mm 2335 × 2292 2343 × 2280 2340 × 2585
Cargo capacity, m3 33,9 67,7 76,4
Empty container weight, kg 2080 3900 4150
Maximum load, kg 21920 26580 26330


Also through us you can find suppliers, buy goods and create a product design.

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