Design creation

Ordering goods from China, you are given the opportunity to create a unique product. If desired, with the help of our company, you will be able to establish production of your own products with your own design.

Our company is ready to offer you the development of a personalized design of any complexity for your product.

You can brand, naming, create and apply the logo of your company to the product, as well as design the product from scratch. With us you have unlimited possibilities for updating and replenishment of the assortment.

The example of our cooperation with Alumnette:

In this block we would like to acquaint you with the experience of our designers with Alumnette, which produces various accessories.

At the first stage, after receiving the order and determining the basic wishes of the client, we offered several schematic options for layout and product design.

After the approval of the design, our company finds a reliable manufacturer, (Read more "Search for suppliers") and already 2 weeks after confirming the order of samples, the client company Alumnette was able to verify the quality of the products and compliance with specified parameters.

The result of our work with Alumnette was a long-term cooperation in the production of a new line of accessories and the subsequent delivery and sale of the product in such countries as Latvia, Russia, England and America.

With the gradual increase in sales, the cost of production of one unit is reduced, as is our interest rate for each subsequent batch of goods.

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