Product buyout from China

Agent Cargo company can buy goods for you on any Internet platforms in China. We can also buy goods from potential suppliers and factories.


We will contact the suppliers, clarify the availability of each position, make an estimate of the total cost. We will buy goods, organize delivery to China, packaging and further delivery to Latvia.

Commissions for the purchase of goods are calculated individually.

Advantages of redemption from all Chinese Internet sites:

  • Operative processing of your order.
  • Verification and recommendation of the seller.
  • Consolidation of your goods.
  • Packing your product.


Stages of redemption:

  • Filling in the inventory on the client’s side:

– name of the goods (description, characteristics, technical data, inscriptions on it, etc.)

– an acceptable cost in China

– a link or a picture for a similar product (visualization)

Processing and verification of the availability of goods from our side

  • Redemption of goods:

– in the purchase price includes a random visual check: external parameters, color, completeness, without checking the specifications and product specifications (size check, software, language, working capacity)

– details of a more thorough check are discussed with the manager for an additional payment

Organization of delivery in China
Delivery of goods to Latvia on a turn-key basis.

Also through us, you can find suppliers, create a product design and deliver the goods.

After filling out the form, send it to us by e-mail: info@agentcargo.lv

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