Suppliers search in China

In order to start a successful trade cooperation with China, it is necessary to find a worthy, trusted supplier. Indeed, it is through the fault of unscrupulous suppliers that shipping to Latvia from China can bring inconvenience and trouble.

To avoid such situations, Agent Cargo provides a service of finding suppliers from China. Our specialists will not only choose the optimal manufacturer for you, but also provide all the necessary information about the selected company and the current pricing policy.

Delivering goods from China is a great way to diversify the firm’s products, raise its competitiveness, increase profits. After all, almost all Chinese products – from souvenirs to electronics – have a huge demand in Latvia.


We work with companies dealing with both small and large wholesale, so we can provide you with a variety of products, which you can force the shelves of your online store or retail space.


  • Quick and qualitative selection of the supplier (manufacturer) according to the requested product group.
  • Verification of each supplier for the authenticity of the existence of production capacity, number of employees, the date of foundation of the company, documents, etc.
  • Increase the profitability of your business due to the optimal ratio of the price and quality of the goods.

The stages of the supplier search in China:

  • The task is from you.
  • Harmonization of the details of the goods and the volume of the batch.
  • Search and analysis of the supplier by Agent Cargo.
  • Providing all the necessary data for further cooperation with the selected supplier.

A potential client who entrusts this mission to us should simply specify the search parameters, which include:

  • Price
  • Quality of products and its compliance with standards;
  • Raw materials and materials used in production;
  • Methods and conditions for settlement with counterparties;
  • The period by which the lot of goods is to be formed;
  • Photos of products of interest.


About our services:

The search for producers is just one of many services provided by our company. We will help not only to organize business with China, but we will also provide it with escort, since negotiations and conclusion of contracts are also part of our competence, as well as acquisition, customs clearance and delivery of goods to the client.

The advantages of cooperation with us are obvious, because potential customers do not need to make visits to China and personally solve organizational issues, because the company Agent Cargo, which can be safely entrusted with all transactions related to the purchase, customs clearance and delivery of any shipment, will take care of these concerns .

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