Almost every product we have today is produced in China. The quality of goods in most areas has reached a level of European manufacturers, while maintaining the cost and flexible terms of cooperation.

Using Chinese manufacturers you can both create products under your brand and design and get ready-made solutions that will meet stable demand in any sphere.

Nevertheless, working process with China has many nuances that need to be considered for productive cooperation.

When choosing a particular vendor, be sure to study its documents and certificates and try to find real feedback and recommendations from customers who have already worked with this manufacturer. Never work with an untested or first-caught partner: in China they know how to cheat.

It is necessary to specify the sanctions in case of unreliable information or sudden changes in the terms of the contract, while communicating with yur partner in China. If you are set for a serious and long-term relationship, it is possible to check the reliability of the company. Insist on the delivery of samples of products before the conclusion of the transaction to verify the functionality and quality of the goods. Choose the most optimal delivery scheme, and also conduct constant monitoring of the market situation, looking for more interesting offers.

Chinese suppliers like customers who are willing to buy  large volumes of products, thereby you will get more favorable prices and more opportunities for customization of the goods. It is also useful to request warehouse balances, price for which may be much lower than market prices.

Take care of careful packing of the goods – glass, fragile toys, equipment, microcircuits and expensive electronics – all this should be sent in rigid packing. It is also recommended to check the quality of the goods in the factory and take care of the insurance of the goods (these services can be provided by Agent Cargo).

Always provide a truthful and accurate description of the goods.

The list of goods that we do not deliver to the territory of Latvia:

  • Drugs
  • Plants
  • Tracking items
  • Weapons
  • Environmentally hazardous goods
  • And other goods published in the list of prohibited goods on the website gov.lv

Incoterms are trade terms published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) that are commonly used in both international and domestic trade contracts.

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